Why Co-Vocational?

First, what is co-vocational. There are two terms that speak to a pastor working part-time and pastoring, Byvocational and Co-vocational. Byvocational typically means a pastor works a part-time job until the time the church can afford to pay a full-time salary. Co-vocational typically means that a pastor works a part-time job and pastors part-time long term with missional motivations. Here are three.

Three motivations to be co-vocational. 

1. It is easy for pastors to do more than they should. Being co-vocational is a motivation to equip others for doing the work of the ministry.

2. It is easy for congregations to assume the pastor will do more than he should. There are biblical responsibilities for congregational members and other leaders, but it is easy to assume the pastor will do them if the pastor is full-time. Being co-vocational is a good motivation for the congregation and other leaders to engage in church life in biblically healthy ways.

3. It is easy for pastors to become isolated from people outside the church or to lose touch with culture and the challenge of work-life balance. Being co-vocation provides regular opportunities for the pastor to be around unsaved people and build credibility with the congregation and the community.